We do absolutely amazing things.

Where we come from

We started in 1981 as the Krueger & Uhen M&A Boutique. Today we’re a second-generation investment boutique specialized in creating deals, solving all kinds of problems for companies at all stages, and investing capital – both ours and that of our customers.

Who we are

A partnership where wisdom meets curiosity, experience drives enthusiasm and values generate growth. We spend less time talking and more time getting things done. We’re a father and son, lawyer and businessman, consultant and entrepreneur. We’re also a civil law partnership founded in 1992.

Dr. jur Hans H. Krüger – Advisory Board

Lawyer, CEO of Deutsche Länderbank, founder of Krueger & Uhen. Special focus: mergers and acquisitions in mid-sized companies, corporate succession.

Dipl. Kfm. Johannes B. Krüger – CEO

Founding partner of KruegerInvest and rescuer. Special focus: start-up businesses, coaching and finance.

What we’re about

We’re a small team with short communication lines and cutting-edge technology – which save our clients time and money. Our clients are mid-sized companies who’ve made a conscious decision not to work with their principal bank or other well-known names.

What we have to offer

Trust us, we’ve seen it all. Our family-office and consultancy services have a long and successful history.
Whatever your current problem, it’s highly likely we can solve it for you. Or at the very least, we can give you an honest assessment – from the heart – of where we see the root of the matter lying.
When looking for a solution, we always take care to focus on the potential benefit, not the problem. “Where’s the beef?” is the question we typically ask on your behalf.
It’s our pleasure to put our expertise and experience to work for you. The wisdom and insight we offer will help clarify your objectives for you and your business and set you on the path to achieving them.
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