Real Estate


Checking – Shaping – Financing Why are you here? You own money or real estate. And you know full well that, one way or another, major wealth always ends up involved in the real estate market. “Real estate investment requires a great deal of patience and farsightedness.” – Dipl. Ing. Klaus Gehrmann, Head construction engineer for the former

Eyes & Ears

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  Observing – Researching – Informing Why are you here? You know how important it is for a business to stay ahead of the informational curve. For every negotiation, every deal, every investment in people or companies – it’s all about information. And obtaining this crucial information is currently distracting you from your core business.

Corporate Finance

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Organizing – Refinancing – Investing Why are you here? You know how hard and time-consuming it can be to obtain funds, especially when you need them urgently. To top it all off, the costs, currency and financial structure involved demand every bit of your attention. “Money is like a shy deer. It disappears as soon

Business Acquisitions

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Understanding – Discovering – Connecting Why are you here? You’re looking for a strategic partner or a partner with strong marketing skills. You’re seeking an additional sales channel and a partner for entering into the market. You’d like to win over your competitor by giving them a friendly welcome and pulling them on board your

Business Disposals

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Valuing – Finding – Integrating Why are you here? You feel your business’s golden era may well be past and you’re looking for someone who can help your idea thrive again. The whole thing has turned into a tightrope act and you feel unable to move forward without help. Or perhaps there has simply been