Seeding – Building – Offering

Why are you here?

You’ve mustered all your courage to create something new.  And while your innovative spirit and idealism will carry you through the toughest of entrepreneurial moments, beginner’s mistakes and overwhelming obligations are distracting you from the operational side of your business.

“We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?” – Steve Jobs

Why are we here?

We’re your firewall, here to keep your external investors in check, and we can even provide you with launching assistance. We’ll see you through the business formation phase and be at your side to coach you through the early years. Keep in mind: nine out of ten startups don’t make it past year five.
Our activities include:

  • Evaluating business ideas
  • Developing business models
  • Creating business plans
  • Providing financing
  • Selecting a team
  • Establishing contacts
  • Comforting the soul

“It always seems impossible until i’s done.” – Nelson Mandela